Poison smoke

Le 18/10/2006
par MantaalF4ct0re
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Un texte de chanson en anglais, c'est pas notre créneau, mais pourquoi pas. Tout n'est pas à jeter, notamment quelques visions étranges et mystiques pas dégueulasses. Mais le ton bascule sans transition de l'agression apocalyptique à un appel au respect pour hippies. Quant à la réalisation, c'est pas trop ça : slogans primaires, exhortations pourries, bref que du cliché de merde.
Shadows of Human Race
Soon you will meet your fate
None of you fear my bass
All of you sweat some hate

Degeneracy is our law
There is no choice.Nore future.
We only mave move pointless.
Till the end of the earth

Do you hear the sound of black snow on your brain's windows
When the death's song falls across the sea
The Fisherman's dust and a youg friendly horse
Calling you for a journey into infinity

Coming back froim the Magmatic Kingdom
You will enter a psychologic press
If the beggar offers you the Purple Poison
Don't hesitate!
Take some!
His smoke will bring you the Unexpected Knowlege..

This wind comes from the Magical Tundra
The whisper of love and nature
Purificates the souls of lost eremits
Let this wind come to you
And see your spirit flyin!
You can fly into the waves of light...
There is just one condition: respect!

Shadows of human race

COme among the trees
Don't be afraid!
In the blue forrest flows a brook
A bath in his diamonds will show you a new root

The power of giving life..

Stop wating time
Stop wasting life
Stop wasting beauty
U can get a new start

Life, Destruction, Peace, Creation

Heaven, Knowledge, Poison, Spirit
Love, Miracle, Child, Eternity

Come among the trees